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What is a Grid-tie solar system?
A grid-tie solar system does not have a battery bank and generates electricity via a solar array and special inverter directly into the grid.
How does it work?
Electricity generated via the solar array and special inverter is fed back into the grid, which causes your electricity consumption to slow down at that point in time. If you have a solar system which produces more electricity than you require at that point in time, the excess is transferred into the grid and will cause your electricity meter to turn backwards.
Not all meters can turn backwards in which case it will result in your electricity supplier getting electricity from you (no rebates are paid out in this situation). Permission from your electricity supplier is required, otherwise this will be regarded as an illegal practice.
It is also imperative to re-organize your power consumption to allow maximum usage of the power during the day in order to get maximum from your solar system. This is due to the fact that the solar system operates during sun hours only.
Some electricity suppliers offer a rebate in certain circumstances. Fact is that you will save vast amounts on electricity costs if you install a grid-tie solar system.
Proper calculation of your power consumption to ensure correct sizing of you solar system is of the utmost importance.

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