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(based on 600W array and 6 hours radiation at 1000W/m2 ) - Larger and smaller kits are available and can be customized)

Order Code Description Alternative :  (please note: these are not included in the kit and merely mentioned as an alternative!) Upgradeable
APT200W/15/20 200W solar module(s) N/A Matching solar modules can be added at a later stage
APT200WK/200/20 Wiring kit for solar modules N/A N/A
220FR/1980/20 1 X Adjustable Galvanised Pole Mount frame (excluding 1 X 3m X 76mm pole) N/A N/A
MPPT20LED/1760/15 1 X MPPT20LED Regulator N/A Using a MPPT30LED regulator instead will allow up to 600W of solar modules, without having to add another regulator to the system.
BATTDEL100/1535/15 3 X 100Ah Maintenance free deep cycle solar batteries (expected life is 2 – 4 years. 4 X 6V/225Ah Trojan Batteries (expected life is 6 – 10 years). 2V Batteries with 10 – 15 year expected life can also be used. More matching batteries can be added.
MCSW/1000/24/6920 1 X 1000W/24V Pure Sinewave Inverter. A GSM Module can be added to your inverter which will enable cell phone communication with your solar system at an additional cost. N/A Inverters can be added.
What you can operate off this system (example only) - including provision for system losses, bad weather periods and power used by inverter:
  • 100W TV for 1 hour
  • + 65W Decoder for 1 hour
  • + 100W (total) lights for 5 hours
  • + Cell phone charging for 12 hours
  • + FM radio for 6 hours
Please note: Inverter maximum hours provided for in this package are 6 hours per 24-hour cycle.
Operational Manual as well as inverter and regulator manuals included.
With 4 X 100Ah Deep Cycle Batteries: 2,4 Days (based on 1200Wh consumption at maximum 80% discharge)
With 4 X 6V/225Ah Trojan Batteries: 3,6 Days (based on 1200Wh consumption at maximum 80% discharge)

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