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(based on 2500W array and 6 hours radiation at 1000W/m2 ) - Larger and smaller kits are available and can be customized)

Order Code Description Alternative :  (please note: these are not included in the kit and merely mentioned as an alternative!) Upgradeable
APT2500W/15/20 2500W solar modules N/A Matching solar modules can be added at a later stage
APT2500WK/2500/20 Wiring kit for solar modules N/A N/A
2500FR/10000/20 Surface frame for 2500W solar array N/A N/A
MPPT100LCD/9670/15 1 X MPPT100LCD Regulator N/A The MPPT100LCD regulator can accommodate an up to 4000W matching solar array
BATT2V/1050/8400/15 24 X 2V/1050Ah Battery bank (expected life is 10 – 15 years). 24 X 2V/1660Ah Batteries with 10 – 15 year expected life can also be used – please approach your PowerMax solar specialist for assistance. More matching batteries can be added.
MCSW/5000/48/19845 1 X 5000W/48V Pure Sinewave Inverter. A GSM Module can be added to your inverter which will enable cell phone communication with your solar system is available at extra cost.   Inverters can be added, but not be paralleled.
What you can operate off this system (example only) - including provision for system losses, bad weather periods and power used by inverter:
  • 90W Energy Saving Fridge
  • + 90W Energy Saving Freezer
  • + 100W TV for 8 hours
  • + 70W Decoder for 8 hours
  • +100W (total) lights for 6 hours
  • +2 X Cell phone charging for 8 hours
  • + 20W FM radio for 8 hours.
  • + 80W Laptop computer for 6 hours,
  • + DVD player for 2 hours
  • + 1500W Microwave oven for 1.5 hours.
  • + 600W Washing Machine for 2 hours.
  • + 1500W Dishwasher for 2 hours.
Operational Manual as well as inverter and regulator manuals included.
With 24 X 2V/1050Ah Battery bank: 2,7 Days (based on 10800Wh consumption at maximum 80% discharge)
With 24 X 2V/1660Ah Battery bank: 4,2 Days (based on 10800Wh consumption at maximum 80% discharge)

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