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This system is designed to supply an average of 25200Wh per 24 hour cycle, weather permitting.

System specifications:

4200W solar modules, Wiring kit for solar modules, 4200W Adjustable Galvanised frame, 2 X MPPT100LCD Regulators, 24 x 1300Ah 2V Cell Batteries with Monoblocks (Code: FNB3859/AP5017), 1 X 10000W Sinewave Inverter and Operational Manual.

Autonomy: 2,05 Days (based on 25200Wh at maximum 80% discharge) 

What you can expect from this system? Example - consumption per 24 hour cycle: 

2 x 90W Energy Saving Fridges
2 x 90W Energy Saving Freezers
3 x 100W ceiling fans for 8 hours
1 x 2000W kettle for 1 hour
5 x cellphone chargers
1 x 1200W hair dryer for 1 hour
600W cold water washing machine for 3 hours
70W Laptop computer for 12 hours
500W Desktop computer for 8 hours
1500W Microwave for 3 hours
100W TV for 7 hours
70W Decoder for 7 hours
300W (total) lights for 8 hours
FM radio for 16 hours

Note: Using appliances which are not energy saving will result in a much higher power requirement - Please consult your All Power Solar Specialist 

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