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Light kit with power for 220V FM radio & cell phone & 220V TV (double LED globes): 

5 x 12V LED double globe lights (6W per light), 25m wiring for lights, 2 x 80W solar modules with 5m wiring, 2 x Adjustable Galvanised Roof Mount Brackets (or 2-module polemount bracket), 1 x 10A MPPT LED Regulator, 2 x 100Ah Maintenance Free Solar Batteries, 1 x 12V/220V/300W, Sinewave inverter and Operational Manual.

Autonomy: 2,1 Days (based on 5 hours usage per 24-hour cycle and max 80% discharge)

Smaller or larger kits are available and can be designed to your exact requirements.

Additional Extra: 

Fibre Glass, Splash Proof Single Battery Box

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